The 10 Best Cleaners for Car Interior Plastic (2023 Top Picks)

If you are a car lover, you should keep your car clean as much as possible to maintain its shiny look like a fresh one. Moreover, it is annoying to see grime or dust on the car’s interior plastic. To make car interior plastic clean and spotless, you need to have a specially formulated cleaning agent that can remove any residue from the plastics.

It is not easy to find the top car cleaner for interior plastic since there are so many available options. We have found ten top-rated products from the market which can meet your requirements, and we have also selected CarGuys Super Cleaner as our top pick because it can clean deeply and protect vigorously for a long time.

Our Top 3 Picks


CAR GUYS Super Cleaner


Weight: 8.43 pounds

Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 4.2 inches


Chemical Guys V.R.P. Vinyl

Brand: Chemical Guys

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Dimensions: 8.27 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches


CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer


Weight: 10.2 ounces

Dimensions: 6.85 x 4.02 x 2.48 inches

List of 10 Best Car Interior Plastic Cleaners

Needless to say that a great cleaner can leave a shiny effect on your interior. So, you shouldn’t take any risk of picking any low-quality cleaner to remove dust. For this reason, we’ve reviewed the top-notch car plastic cleaner for more precision.

1. CarGuys Super Cleaner — Best Overall

Good Side

The cleaner cleans most of the dirt and bugs
It comes with a rag
Smell is quite pleasant
Doesn’t have any heavy chemicals

Not So Good Side

Some customers complained that the sprayer mechanism has broken

If you are not finding a cleaner that should be as good as you expected, then the CarGuys Super Cleaner is a superb choice as it is a newly formulated multi-surface cleaner. It is the best bang for the buck, which can be used on multiple types of car surfaces without compromising its quality.


Nano-technology- This cleaner uses special nano-technology to lift away dirt and grime from the plastic surface effectively.

Multipurpose use- You can use this cleaning agent on multiple surfaces for stain fixers, bug and tar eliminators, and interior cleaners.

Protection- For all the grimes which are stored inside your car interior plastics, this cleaner can condition and protect them effectively while preventing it from fading or cracking. It will also protect the plastic with a proper U.V. guard.

Risk-Free Guarantee- The great cleaner comes with a 100% risk-free guarantee, which allows you to refund your purchase price if you don’t like it.

2. Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P. Vinyl — Best Car Dashboard Cleaner

Good Side

Doesn’t contain any strong odors
Effortless to apply
Smells great
It won’t breakdown within a couple of weeks
Provides incredible wet shine

Not So Good Side

It is not great for exterior trim

This high-quality premium version cleaner can clean any internal or external surface smoothly and effectively. It cleans up plastic and other materials with fast and easy application.


High Protection- The cleaner provides high protection against U.V. rays. It can restore the original color like a new deep-black shine and prevent cracking or fading the sensitive car parts.

Non-Greasy Water-based Formula- The non-greasy water-based formula will provide a durable in-depth wet look. Moreover, it is straightforward to apply without any sling or mess.

V.R.P. Protectant- Having extreme protection and glossy shine on any textured plastic surface, the cleaner comes with V.R.P. super shine dressing, which can restore the dark black appearance to plastic.

Easy to Use- You don’t have to face much problem using this cleaner as it is super easy to use, and you can quickly spray on and wipe it off.

3. CarGuys Plastic Restorer — Best All-Purpose Cleaner for Car Interior

Good Side

Suitable for both interior and exterior cleaning
The solution comes at a reasonable price
Provides long-lasting results
It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals

Not So Good Side

Not suitable to use on gray surfaces

The CarGuys Plastic Restorer is very useful for any interior or exterior plastics. This product is a favorite among car enthusiasts as it helps to lift away dust and grime intensely.


Durable Results- The cleaner will provide long-lasting results that will last for several months since it contains a newly patented additive, which increases durability.

Rain Protection- You don’t have to worry the product ensures enough guarantee that it repels water and doesn’t fade away its original look even for several months.

No oily mess- This cleaning solution is different from other cleaning products that leave oil and grease on the surface of the plastic without being fully dry.

No Harmful Chemicals- Harmful ingredients like silicon and petroleum distillates are not used to make this cleaner, and it is entirely environmentally friendly and safe to use.

4. Chemical Guys SPI22016 Total Interior Protectant & Cleaner — Cheapest Cleaner for Car Interior Plastic

Good Side

Offers fast detailing and intense cleaning
Works on most the surfaces
Soft coating rebuffs dirt and grease for a long time
Provides excellent protection from sunlight and strains

Not So Good Side

Doesn’t leave any residue behind

This cleaner comes at a meager price without compromising its quality. The interior cleaner works efficiently to clean every car’s interior surface and protect them from harmful grease.


Durable Coating- The cleaner is capable of putting sturdy coating around the interior surfaces so that any dust, grease, or grime doesn’t attract it.

Protection- The detail spray will condition and protect the interior from U.V. radiation. It will remove a layer of debris, grime, and oil to give a crystal-clarity look.

Quick Detailing- The quick detailing feature cleans all the surfaces more expeditiously and dries them in seconds. It also leaves a wax coating, which stays for a long time.

Original Appearance- This potent cleaning agent can restore the interior surface’s original appearance by adding glow to the interior materials.

5. 303 (30313CSR) Products Aerospace Protectant — Best Cleaner for Variety Surfaces

Good Side

Provides high protection against U.V. rays
It leaves a pleasant odor
Suitable for a variety of surfaces
Doesn’t attract grease or stains
The rinse-free formula is beneficial to clean
This cleaning agent helps to prevent oxidization

Not So Good Side

Some customers complained that it leaves smudges when it becomes dry

This great cleaner comes with a thin layer to protect any plastic surface adequately. The product can efficiently clean the interior or exterior plastic surface area and keep them clean for a long time.


303 UV Protectant- It protects the surface from being faded or cracked against U.V. rays and other harmful materials.

Cleaner and Repeller- The outer layers are protected from being harmed since the cleaner creates a thin layer of wax coating area to ensure safety. Moreover, it repels dust and stain and provides superb backup without damaging the color.

Rinse-Free Formula- The rinse-free formula of this cleaning agent ensures the safety and cleans the interior surface deeply while leaving a pleasant odor. Moreover, it makes your cleaning more comfortable and smooth.

Impressive Finish- The cleaner also leaves a dry-looking finish that lasts a long time.

6. TriNova Plastic & Trim Restorer — Top Quality Plastic Component Cleaner

Good Side

A streak-free formula doesn’t leave any residue
Easily and quickly apply the solution
It provides advanced protection against rain, salt, and grease
Provides a natural shiny look after application
It is safe to use a rubber and finished leather

Not So Good Side

Some customers complained that it leaves a diluted smell after application

Nothing can beat the TriNova Plastic & Trim Restorer for quick and effective results. This prominent brand ensures deep cleanliness while maintaining glossing looks without cracking or fading the color.


Quick Clean- Quickly yet efficiently, the cleaner can take off any dust, grease, residue, spills, and other undesired grime to keep your interior immaculate.

Super Protection- The U.V. protection, which is given by this unique cleaner, is impressive. It can restore the cracked or faded surface easily to prolong your car’s life.

Surface Safe- This car interior plastic restorer is safe to use on different materials, including vinyl, rubber, finished leather, and many more. But you should not use it on a glass surface as it has striation.

Repel Dust- The car interior plastic polish provides a defensive layer that repels rain, salt, and dust. Moreover, it also maintains the shine properly.

Quick and Easy Application- You don’t have to spend much time cleaning your car interior plastic with this cleaner as it is effortless to apply. An applicator pad also is given to wipe the surface meaningfully.

7. 303 (30382) Products Automotive Protectant — Best Car Interior Plastic Cleaner

Good Side

Provides exceptional protection against U.V. rays
Provides a spectacularly uniform matte finish on the plastic surface
Smell is delightful
Doesn’t leave any grease or residue

Not So Good Side

It attracted dirt after the cleaning process

If you are looking for something unique which provides superior protection and repels dust, dirt, lint, and stains quickly, then 303 (30382) Products Automotive Protectant can be recommended. Without being too shiny, it provides a beautiful finish, which can last for several days.


Rinse-free Formula- The cleaner is made with a unique rinse-free formula that can brighten the surface and makes your car look newer.

Additional Shield- It provides an extra shield to protect the interior plastic surface against U.V. rays.

Accessible to Use- The convenient cleaner allows you to quickly spray it inside the car interior with plastic for fast touch-ups.

Authentic Product- The product is enough trustworthy since it is made in the U.S.A. One single bottle can last for a long time because you need very little to clean the surface.

8. Chemical Guys SPI_663_16 Interior Quick Detailer & Protectant — Budget-Friendly Interior Plastic Cleaner

Good Side

Suitable for a variety of materials and textures
Contains dust repelling technology
It offers protection against harsh U.V. sunlight
Provides an O.E.M. factory appearance
Comparatively economical price

Not So Good Side

Sometimes need to re-wipe the surface to remove residue

This budget-friendly cleaner will help you save some cash, and at the same time, it can clean most of the surfaces like magic. Moreover, it efficiently wipes away dust, grime, or oils from interior surfaces and gives a factory-fresh look.


Anti-Static Technology- The anti-static formula keeps the surface clean for a longer time, and it makes it easier to wipe the dust without leaving any grease.

Restores Original Appearance- The product cleans interior surfaces quickly and efficiently while maintaining a fresh and crisp O.E.M. appearance. It also doesn’t change the real color of the surface with no greasy shine.

Advanced Protection- This premium version cleaner provides advanced protection against harsh U.V. sunlight. It also helps to repel grime and dust while preventing the surface from fading or cracking.

Pleasant Smell- The smell of the cleaner is pleasant, which is not harsh at all.

9. Meguiar’s Plastic Restorer Black — Simple One-Step Cleaning

Good Side

It requires simple one-step cleaning
Lasts for a few weeks easily
Provides a durable non-greasy glossy finish
Safe on most the car interior surfaces
It gives deep cleaning and superb protection

Not So Good Side

The smell of the solution is not pleasant at all

When you have Meguiar’s Plastic Restorer, you don’t have to follow any tiresome process since it comes with simple one-step cleaning. Moreover, it provides excellent shine and darkness that lasts for weeks. Though the cleaning agent’s smell is not very pleasant, it is not too harsh, which will hamper your work.


Black Plastic Restorer- The product gives a “like new” look with high durability. This simple one-step cleaning product also has super U.V. protection.

Trim Gloss- It creates vivid darkness and glossy look, which will last for a long time. You don’t have to worry since the tremendous result can withstand washing and rain.

Fast Drying- The cleaner comes with a non-greasy formula or fast-absorbing formula that absorbs quickly to prevent leaving any residue on the surface area.

Versatile Use- You can use this versatile cleaner on different surfaces, including plastic, vinyl, rubber, and many more.

10. TriNova UV Protectant Spray — Unbeatable Car Plastic Interior Cleaner

Good Side

The product restores the natural look of the surface
Premium and non-toxic ingredients
Doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals
Suitable for tough stains
Doesn’t leave any oily residue after cleaning the surface

Not So Good Side

The scent of the cleaner is not super pleasant
It can’t withstand washing or rain

The TriNova UV Protectant Spray is made with particular type of formula, which is very useful on modern vehicles’ interior surfaces. It comes with a large size container that is perfect for several uses. It is mainly made from a toxic-free and watery formula without any harsh chemicals.


Safe to use- The cleaner is safe for both the car and hands since it is an environmentally friendly product.

Natural Sheen- Instead of providing any greasy or artificial plastic appearance, it adds a rich natural sheen to the surface of the interior plastic.

Premium Ingredients- The product is a combination of premium ingredients that are eco-friendly and can clean any surface efficiently.

Restores Color and Luster- It can restore the fade and dull color surface with new shine, which looks as good as new.

Easy Application- With the simple spray, you can easily apply the cleaner on the surface and wipe away all the dust, grease, and stains within a few minutes.

Things to Consider While Buying Car Interior Cleaner

To find a great product that makes your cleaning process easy yet effective, you need to consider a few factors. Let’s watch out for a few essential things we should know before buying a car interior cleaner.


Before buying a cleaner, it is essential to know which kind of surface you are going to clean. Plastic is used in different areas inside the car, including the cockpit spot, the internal door area, the dashboard, and other places. So, make sure to choose a cleaner that is appropriate for the plastic surface area.


Make sure the ingredients used to make the cleaner are safe for your car’s interior and environment. Avoid those cleaners which are made from harsh chemicals like ammonia and gasoline since they are harmful to your vehicle’s interior as well as detrimental to your health.

Easy Application

You are not likely to be happy if you have to spend the entire day or number of hours cleaning car interior plastic. It is essential to be cleaner and easy to use with no multiple buffing steps.

U.V. Protection

The sun is one of the biggest threats to a car since it causes volatile plastics to delaminate. Hence, you should choose the best interior car cleaning product which provides enough protection for interior surfaces.

Quick Clean

Despite being eco-friendly and easy to use, if the cleaner doesn’t have enough cleaning power, it will still not be of any use to you. So, before choosing any particular brand or product, make sure it fulfills the car’s cleaning requirements and provides extra protection to have a streak-free surface.

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Container Size

If your car size is large and requires regular cleaning due to heavy use, you should buy a larger container that will save your money and time instead of buying small-sized containers. You can buy small-sized containers if you are not a heavy user, and your car is not prone to debris easily.


How to make homemade cleaner to clean textured plastic car interiors?

You can make homemade cleaner to clean textured plastic car interiors. Make a thin paste containing baking soda with water and rub the mixture over the textured plastic surface with a damp fabric. Mix some white vinegar and water and moisten a cloth with the vinegar solvent. Make sure to clean the baking soda mixture using a cotton towel or baby wipes properly from the plastic.

How often should I clean the plastic interior?

Most experts suggested cleaning your plastic interior once a week because too much cleaning can hurt the first look. But if you see dust or grim frequently even after cleaning regularly, then do it in the garage to make cleaning sessions more productive.

Why Do I Need U.V. Protection Spray?

U.V. rays harm the exterior and interior parts of your car. They can change or damage interior color design since they are vulnerable to sunlight. Hence, UV-resistant spray can protect the bright color from fading over time and make it stay for a longer time.


Before rushing to buy the best cleaner for car interior plastic, make sure it matches your lifestyle and personality. To guarantee your interior area is as clean as you desire, spend some time, and do some study to find the best cleaner.

With our top 10 cleaner reviews for recommendations, we hope that you don’t have to struggle much. Moreover, the CarGuys Super Cleaner comes out on peak as our best overall product since it is trustworthy and flexible with no harsh chemicals.

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