10 Best Grease Gun Coupler for 2022 – Top Picks

Lubricating in a truck or any garage equipment is difficult for their holding hassle. If you have a car, truck, or any equipment farm you know lubricating is essential for this type of equipment. The grease gun coupler makes this lubricating process easy. You don’t need to hold grease by another hand when you are pumping.

Jaws are an important part of the grease gun coupler that will help to fittings grease and lock them. When you need to lubricate narrow space or multiple targets at once grease gun coupler is invincible. These tools will make easy your complete lubricating process without losing grease.

However, Lots of grease gun couplers on the market I loved LockNLube and it has some awesome features. I review and research a few couplers and make a list of the 10 best grease gun couplers below.

Our Top 3 Picks


LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler

Brand: LockNLube

Weight: 4.2 ounces

Dimensions: 3.45 x 0.63 x 1.66 inches


Lumax LX-1403 Silver Heavy-Duty Coupler

Brand: Lumax

PSI: 15, 000


AZUNO 12,000 PSI Grease Gun Coupler

Brand: AZUNO

Weight: 5.9 ounces

Dimensions: 3.19 x 1.57 x 0.79 inches

Top 10 Best Grease Gun Couplers – You Can Get Right Now

1. LockNLube locks onto Zerk fittings Grease Gun Coupler

Good Side

Original locking grease coupler
Leak-free coupler
Completely rebuildable grease coupler
Pushdown release system
It can work fine with invisible Zerk

Not So Good Side

Sometimes leaving grease around the nipple

LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler is compatible with battery, pneumatic, manual grease guns. It is considered to be the only reconstructed grease coupler in the world. This grease is not driven by any machine. This coupler contains a high-quality locking system that made it unique.

Therefore, this is made with high-quality material so the coupler does not leak easily. This grease coupler is available at very low prices. Suitable for long-term use so its demand is increasing day by day in the market.


  • Locks on and No leaks grease gun.
  • Jaws are four hardened springs still so it can take high pressure.
  • This coupler lock fits all types of grease guns.
  • If the coupler is locked by the pressure it can release easily even if it can take extreme pressure.
  • Easily replaceable by any type of SAE and Metric Zerk Fittings.

2. Lumax LX-1403 Silver Quick-Release Heavy-Duty Grease Coupler

Good Side

It can disconnect at high pressure up to 15000 PSI
Suitable with all types of battery and air-powered grease guns
Effortless coupling and uncoupling
1/8 inches NPT connection integrated
Thumb lever design for quick lever

Not So Good Side

Sometimes leaked grease in fittings

Most are battery-powered or air-powered grease guns, so it’s easy to handle. Coupling and uncoupling is a very hard task for couplers but this coupler ergonomic thumb lever design will make it very easy for you. The coupler can connect 1/8 “NPT so it can do all kinds of heavy work.

This heavy equipment grease gun coupler has 15,000 psi with an integrated non-return valve which applies extra pressure. Also able to disconnect easily due to extra pressure. You can use it at a high temperature without hassle. Certainly, you can buy it because it is a good quality coupler.


  • The easily quick connected and quick release mechanism.
  • Leak-proof seal with coupler locks on.
  • Innovative design that firmly bolts on grease fittings.
  • Ergonomic thumb lever design makes this coupler another level.
  • Disconnect effortlessly when taking extra pressure.

3. AZUNO 12,000 PSI Grease Gun Coupler

Good Side

A strong jaw made it different
Attractive eye-catching design
Able to do heavy work
Zerk fittings are very strong
Perfect coupler for longer use

Not So Good Side

Hose just wouldn’t work

AZUNO Grease Gun coupler has locks and seals up to 12,000 psi. Rather the coupler also has a strong jaw and long-lasting sealing gasket. Ensures stable performance and can prevent leakage even at pressures up to 12,000 psi. The coupler is made of very high-quality material so you can use it to work in a shop or garage all day long. It is heavier and stronger than other grease couplers on the market.

You should operate this coupler with one hand for longer use. If the grease coupler is locked in the zerk fitting once it runs automatically and the grease gun frees both hands from handling. The unique design of the coupler helps to detect zerk fittings in the dark. Its patented retract mechanism leaves the inner seal behind and leaves the outer socket ring wide open.

This coupler is durable so it is compatible with all grease guns and zerk fittings. A grease gun with 1/8 NPT. The coupler fits all DIN and SAE grease fittings. This coupler is durable so it is perfect for long time use.


  • Capable of applying pressure up to a maximum of 12,000 psi.
  • It contains high-quality sealing gasket.
  • Suitable for all-day use in shops or garages.
  • It can be operated automatically without the help of hands.

4. Lumax LX-1404 90 Degree Silver Coupler

Good Side

Able to take maximum pressure of 4, 500 psi
Works perfectly for all projects
Leakage proof
High-quality coupler
You can use it for a long time

Not So Good Side

It may trouble sometimes but recovered quickly

The coupler works perfectly without any leaks. Spring-loaded balls check the valve to prevent leakage. This coupler is mostly used in hand-operated guns. It also has a spring-loaded sleeve that connects quickly. The coupler is capable of taking pressures up to a maximum of 4,500 psi. The head of this coupler is slightly shorter than the standard straight coupler.

Subsequently, this allows the coupler connection to be easily and gently expressed. The unit is firmly spread over the zerk fitting and moves very easily after finishing the work of greasing, just like the other standard couplers.

There are no leaks anywhere in the grease and the hose connector contains the zerk fitting unit when pumping the grease. All the pump conditions are good if you can use it with one hand. This coupler serves as a helpful accessory for any grease gun.


  • For use on hand-operated grease guns only.
  • Capable of taking pressures from 3,000 psi to 4,500 psi.
  • Very effective for lubricating various parts of vehicles.
  • Sleeves contain in the coupler for medium and heavy work.

5. Lincoln Lubrication 5883 Right Angle 90 Degree Slotted Coupler

Good Side

Usable for each fitting
It can take high pressure
Material quality is very high
Zerk pulling is very easy
Unique attractive design

Not So Good Side

It could be leaking

It works very perfectly so it is usable for every fitting. Slide the dagger fitting of the zerk while using. Its fitness can work a little harder than other shots. You should have worn a flexible hose while pumping. There is no need to apply excessive force to work with this coupler.

However, this coupler does not leak in any grease and pulls the zerk very easily. This coupler works very well. If you don’t want to permanently attach this coupler to your small grease gun, you can go to the auto parts store and buy a grease zerk and use it as an attachment.


  • This coupler with 90 degrees slotted design allows the application of grease to remove strong spots.
  • The 90-degree grease jerk used in it eliminates the need to switch fittings.
  • Some hoses and tubes fit everything.
  • Able to handle pressures up to 1,000 PSI.

6. Milwaukee M18 2-Pk Grease Gun Coupler

Good Side

It can take high pressure
Cheap but works perfectly
You can use this coupler longer than others
Made of high-quality material
This coupler can lubricate properly

Not So Good Side

Doing heavy work can be a problem

The coupler greases very well and it is suitable for long day use. These couplers prevent grease leaks and work properly. This coupler is very durable and not too expensive. The coupler works exactly where it is fitted. It is easy to use.

The genuine head of the coupler is very great and ensures proper lubrication. You can remove this coupler without any hassle. There is no need to apply excessive force to work with this coupler. This coupler does not leak in any grease and pulls the zerk very easily.


  • Suitable accessory for an M18 grease gun.
  • Made of high-quality steel.
  • Ideal for use in small and hard spaces.
  • Very effective for lubricating various parts of vehicles.

7. Lumax LX-1400-2 Silver Standard Grease Coupler

Good Side

Has four strong steel jaws for long durability
Spring-loaded ball check valves
Very easy to install
Made of high-quality material
Perfect for long-time use

Not So Good Side

The removal process is not easy

The coupler is used to grease boat trailer bearings. It is suitable for use in all types of fittings. The coupler can work perfectly. It can be easily removed by simply twisting without any hassle. It is suitable for use in compact marine-style grease guns, boat trailers, and r/v.

This grease coupler works great. No screwdriver is required to set the coupler. The coupler has four hard steel jaws for long durability. There are also spring-loaded check valves to prevent leakage. Knurled bodies and flats have been created for easy installation and removal.


  • There are spring-loaded ball check valves to prevent leakage.
  • The small diameter allows easy contact with the recessed fitting.
  • 1/8 inch NPT thread attached.
  • The USA Made heavy duty.

8. Lumax LX-1406 Silver Grease Gun Coupler

Good Side

Excellent for reaching hard-to-access fit bearings
Fitting is excellent
Pressure-taking capability is very high
Longer lasting coupler
Versatile swivel fitting

Not So Good Side

You may be confused when swivel fitting

Lumax Silver LX-1406 Coupler is used for most hand-operated grease guns. It swivels in full 360-degree circles. Most fittings are easily accessible at a 45-degree angle. The coupler is capable of taking pressures up to a maximum of 4,500 psi.

The swivel fitting of this coupler is versatile so it will easily cure your problem. If you have difficulty reaching grease fittings, you may need this coupler. It is also strong, durable, and long-lasting. This coupler is cheap so you can buy it easily.


  • For the use of hand-operated grease guns.
  • Able to swivel in full 360-degree circles.
  • 1/8 inch NPT thread attached.
  • 4, applies maximum pressure up to 500 psi.

9. DEWALT DCGG5702 Right Angle Grease Coupler

Good Side

Maximum of 10,000 psi
Able to do heavy work
Has strong fittings
High-quality products

Not So Good Side

It doesn’t work properly for all applications

The coupler is designed in such a way that it can be tightly accessed up to zero fitting. This coupler can withstand pressures up to a maximum of 10,000 psi. Able to work for all kinds of heavy applications. A right-angle adapter can be used when greasing spindle bearings on the Ferris IS500Z with a 52 “deck.

The coupler has three spindles and a grease fitting for idler pulley bearings. The coupler moves out of the zerk without any difficulty. Surprisingly this coupler works great. It is durable and long-lasting.


  • Zerk fittings are very effective for cordless grease guns.
  • Strongly designed to reach zero fittings.
  • All types of heavy-duty can be done for applications.
  • The small diameter allows easy contact with the recessed fitting.
  • 1/8 inch NPT thread attached.

10. Lumax LX-1403-XL Heavy-Duty Grease Coupler

Good Side

Contains 1/8 “NPT Integrated Connection
This coupler can take the pressure up to 15,000 psi
Durable with the most grease gun

Not So Good Side

Sometimes it difficult to install

The extended coupler helps you reach the grease fittings and allows tight access to fit this coupler. Most are battery-powered grease guns or air-powered grease guns, so it’s easy to handle. The coupler is able to connect 1/8 “NPT so it can do all kinds of heavy work.

The coupler has 15,000 psi with an integrated non-return valve that applies extra pressure. Usually, it can disconnect easily due to extra pressure. This coupler can tolerate high temperatures. Particularly, you can buy this coupler because it is very good quality.


  • Able to take burst pressure up to 22,000 psi.
  • Made of high-quality steel.
  • The coupler has a height of 2.9 “length x 1.2”.
  • Ideal for use in small and hard spaces.
  • It contains high-performance hydraulic seals.

Things to Consider Before Buying Grease Gun Coupler

Thread Size

Since the coupler is supplied with 1/8 ″ NPT thread to connect to the hose of the best grease gun, care must be taken to ensure that the coupler is able to supply the thread. There are some important things that are compatible with most grease guns, such as pneumatic, manual, and electric. Almost all grease guns are made with this thread.

Pressure Rating Quality

Make sure the grease gun can handle the maximum pressure. If grease guns can handle pressure from 8.000 psi to 10.000 psi, then they are considered to be high-quality grease guns. If you want to buy a gun with a pressure of more than 10.000 psi, which can press more lubricant than others.

Keep in mind that too much lubricant is released when the guns are pressed, they leak very quickly, damage the coupler and even break it. If your coupler is able to handle the pressure of 10.000 psi, then you should have powered it with an electric grease gun. If the coupler can handle pressures below 10,000 psi, it must be operated with a manual gun.

Rubber Seals

Most users think that the more seals a grease gun has, the better. Guns usually have 3 seals, while some grease guns have 4 seals. If there are 4 seals, then it should be considered that it has the ability for a strong lock. If there is a strong lock, there is no possibility of leaking during the injection.

Also, this gun is capable of holding high pressure. Seals should be thoroughly inspected before buying the American-made grease gun.

The Diameter of the Barrel Ideas

Many times tight-spaced zerks need greasing. Grease the narrow space and if you are a beginner to do the job, choose the smaller diameter for the connecting barrel. It can be easily greased in a narrow space by a small-diameter connection. This type of work is usually not possible with a large-diameter connection.

All kinds of work you can do with small-diameter grease guns. Before buying a grease gun you need to have an idea about the diameter of the barrel.

Coupler Model

Grease gun couplers come in different models. The most common couplers typically have a thumb lever, a 90-degree push-on model, a 90-degree slide-on, and a 360-degree swivel. 90-degree models of couplers are suitable for all types of hard surfaces. There are different models of couplers available in the market, from these you have to choose the coupler you need.

Easy to Use Grease Gun

It is important to note that the gun you can press evenly. There are some bearings that cannot increase the pressure by more than 500 psi. If you use a gun with 7500 psi for heavy work, its bearing leap will be damaged very quickly. Some bearings become complicated to place in narrow spaces. You need to choose a coupler for the gun, which can easily do the hard work.

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What is a grease gun coupler?

Grease gun coupler is holding equipment that is used for the easy lubricating process. If you have a car, truck, or any equipment farm you know lubricating is essential for this type of equipment. You don’t need to hold grease by another hand when you are pumping.

How do you attach a grease gun to a Zerk fitting?

Firstly, set the grease gun then screw the 4 jaw construction. Now you can see some small nipple that contains a ball bearing with holes and threads. You can fit zerk now inside the coupler and it is completely ready.

Are there different sizes of grease Zerks?

Standard grease zerk is a single size. You can see another weird out from there but it is just button head.

How do you fill a grease flush-fitting?

Just clip it at the end of your grease hose when you insert this into the grease fittings the end of this adapter will unseat a check ball in here allowing you to put grease in the unit when you remove it then that chuck ball seals fitting up.


After skimming above all if you think lubricating is a very hard process. Especially greasing in the variant target at the same time or narrow space you can use grease gun coupler without a doubt. Unprivileged maintenance of greasing guns can make stuck coupler so ensure its proper maintenance.

Perfectly injecting grease can easier your tools and equipment with your life. I recommended some grease guns above and I suggest you LockNLube grease coupler for the first purchase. I hope my list of the 10 best grease gun couplers will help you to find the perfect grease gun coupler.

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