6 Best Sander For Exterior Paint Removal: 2022 Top Picks

Hence you’re looking for a tool to remove paint from multiple objects; it’s difficult and time-consuming to find the best sander for exterior paint removal. But right now, we are introducing the paint removal kits that pleased us during our research. Those kits are used to remove the paint easily and efficiently.

It will save you time and energy and remove a serious amount of peeling paint. A sander is a powerful tool that is used for removing the paint and smoothing a surface. Before starting, you can check our winner Black+Decker orbit sander for more precision in your work.

Our Top 3 Picks


BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander


Weight: 3.16 pounds

Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 6 inches
Warranty: 2 years


DEWALT Random Orbit Sander


Weight: ‎3.89 pounds

Dimensions: 10.38 x 7.25 x 6.2 inches


CRAFTSMAN V20 Random Orbit Sander

Brand: Craftsman

Weight: ‎2.54 pounds

Dimensions: 6.91 x 4.79 x 4.77 inches

6 Best Sanders for Exterior Paint Removal

You will find exterior paint removal kits in the market, which will make you confused. So, we had a real rush hour to analyze the market for picking the best sander for exterior paint removal.

1. BLACK + DECKER Random Orbit Sander

Good Side

The compact size of the sander
Hook and loop system
Dust sealed switch
5-inch orbit
2 years warranty for the product
Availability of 3 amps

Not So Good Side

No additional power system is installed

So, it’s none other than, Black+Decker is the ultimate winner in this category.  This sander is a powerful tool that is used for removing the paint and smoothing a surface. Besides, it’ll perform a random orbital action. The company will include BDERO100 Sander, Sanding Sheet, and dust Bag with this product. It has a 2 amperage Capacity.

There has come a high-removal action feature that will emphasize better and more precise finishing. It has a special feature called a hook and loop system. Hook and loop systems offer you a fast and easy paper change. Another special thing is the dust-sealed switch. It will switch the dust and debris easily.

Black+Decker is a renowned company that has been introducing many power tools, automotive, hardware, and many more home improvement tools in the market for a long time. This sander has also been rated 4 in the market. You can select this for the unique features provided by the company.

2. Makita Belt Sander

Good Side

Power amperage of 8.8 with only 84 DB noise
Dust bag for a clean environment
Auto-tracking belt system
More wattage capability

Not So Good Side

Heavier than other brands

This product is unique in its design. Makita manufactures it and is a belt sander, which is different from orbit sanders. However, it weighs 9.5 pounds and is constructed of plastic. An auto-tracking belt system is installed on it.

It has a powerful 8.8-amp motor, which will increase the efficiency of work.  You can control the speed of this product (690-1,440 ft./min.). In addition, a dust bag is included with it for a clean work environment. Besides, it’s efficient for noise control, and the grit size is medium.  You may find the front gripping system.

It has a 16.4 ft. power cord. It is known for its unique design. Besides, it comes with a nose attached to the side that helps you sand flush to the sander’s wall and side. Finally, you’ll get a decent one-year warranty from the manufacturers. It is ideal for sanding wood or metal and removes paint and rust.

3. Makita Paint Removing Disc Sander

Good Side

Powerful motor with 4.2 amperage capacity
5000 RPM working capacity
Soft handle gripping
Ball and needle bearing construction
Weighs lighter

Not So Good Side

No system for dust cleaning

This product is a disc sander that weighs 2.4 pounds. And it’s lighter than other brands. Besides, a 4.2-amp motor is installed on it to provide efficient performance for its higher amperage capability. The gripping system will give you more comfort. This product is constructed of metal which increases the durability of the product. Besides, it is considered the best sander for removing paint from metal.

This product is unique for its Ball and needle-bearing construction. This construction provides a better life for the product. You will get a side handle, which will increase your work efficiency and comfort. This product is ideal for industrial sanding applications and also as an orbital sander to remove paint from concrete.

4. Metabo HPT Belt Sander

Good Side

A soft elastomer grip
Flush design for quick sanding
Speed control dial

Not So Good Side

No noise resistance system is installed

Hence, it’s the last product on our list; the belt sander comes with a strong motor installed on it with a 9 am amperage capacity. Koki Holdings America, Ltd manufacture this product. The product offers a speed control dial that paves the way to control the speed according to your needs. Besides, it only weighs 9.5 pounds, and the grit size of the product is medium.

A dust bag is installed with it, which will resist dust. A soft elastomer grip will help you to work with comfort. It has a unique feature called a tracking window. There has come a tracking window that will enhance visibility while sanding the surface. It has a flush design that helps you in quick sanding. The company will provide a 5-year warranty for this product.

5. Bosch ROS20VSC Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander

Good Side

A powerful motor
Rubber gripped handling system
All-ball bearing system reduces noise
It can work 13000 orbits per minute
Fits all types of surfaces
Paddle switch system

Not So Good Side

No additional power system is installed

Now, Bosch is our first runner-up that weighs only 3.5 pounds. This product is known for its capability and strong applicability. 6 adjustable speed dials are installed, which helps you to monitor the speed according to work.

This brand is offering you a 2.5 AMP motor. This strong motor helps your sander to work 13000 orbits per minute. Moreover, it’ll provide the best dust collection performance than other brands. A rubberized palm grip is installed on it. The construction of this kit reduces vibration and noise.

You will choose this product for its capability of work. This product can make your work more comfortable by reducing the noise and dust problem. It has a paddle switch, which can help you to save energy. You can take it off when it is not at work. This brand will provide 12 pieces of a set of sandpapers.

6. BLACK+DECKER 2.4 Amp Electric Random Orbit Sander

Good Side

Powerful motor to provide efficient performance
2 Types of sandpaper are provided with it
Comfortable gripping system
Dust collection box
Dustproof switch system
Additional power system
Official warranty by the company

Not So Good Side

Not suitable for all types of surfaces

Meterk manufactures this product. This product weighs 3.1 pounds. The motor’s capacity is 2.4 AMP (300W) / 12000 RPM which provides an efficient and robust performance capability to the sander. 6 variable speed dial is available for a different type of work.

A dust collection box is included with this product. It will help you to work in a clean space. You will get sandpaper of 100 grits. You will get a dust-proof switch system to reduce dust.

The exceptional feature of this product is an additional power system. The company will provide a Lithium-Ion battery. Another special thing is the warranty that comes with a long 2 years. A rubberized grip system is installed in this product, which reduces the vibration.

You know, the tool is widely used in polishing, finishing, and sanding wood properly. This is my favorite sandpaper for removing paint from wood.

What to Consider Before Buying a Sander for Exterior Paint Removal?

Are you ready to take a step before buying your favorite sander for exterior paint removal? Let’s face the battle of which consideration should be taken.


You will be confused to see many sanders in the market. But the main thing you need to judge is power. So, the power of the motor is the ultimate factor for proper finishing which is known as the amperage capacity. The more you get the amperage capacity, the more efficient output you will get.


Durability is important for any type of sander. You can judge the durability of its strong body will give you better confidence in work. That will develop the efficiency of work.


This term is directly connected to the user. If you are planning to sand a heavy surface, you need to be concerned about your kit’s grip. A good grip will help you to hold the kit properly. It will increase the efficiency of your sanding. A bad grip will also increase the risk of an accident. You may face an accident if the grip is not in order.

Vibration Control

You can see the term vibration control in our product information that is important to comfortable your work. So, it’s undeniable that you can enhance your work efficiency if you can sand properly.

Besides, the feature also helps you to resist where the higher noise will affect your ears and brain. And it’ll hamper efficiency.

Dust Resistance

While you sand, there creates a lot of dust, which hinders the efficiency as well. So find a sander that has the best dust resistance capacity. Besides, dust bags will help to resist dust. It will provide a clean environment for work.


You may find a variety of weights among those products. We all know the way of working with the sander. We used to move the sander from the surface to the surface. If the sander is heavily weighted, you may lose your sanding balance because all of the surfaces are not the same.

Speed Control

We know that there are different types of surfaces where you need multiple speed settings to work. A speed control dial is installed for controlling the speed. Otherwise, you will not get an efficient output. But you may find many brands that have no speed control dial.

So it is clear that there will be a lack of efficiency. So, while sanding on hard surfaces, the speed of the sander should be increased. Else, you need more time to complete your job.

Voltage Capacity

Till now, we have chosen our product. But voltage capacity is important to save your kit. And the voltage capacity won’t be the same at all stages. Voltage is the power capacity that your kit can hold.

So, to ensure the safety of your kits, you can’t deny the feature, and you should come up with a product that ensures the highest capacity. If your product cannot hold more voltage capacity, it will be damaged at any time.

Belt Sander Vs Orbital Sander

Belt Sander Vs Orbital Sander

Belt senders are contained with a sanding belt. This sender works with the help of drums, which are spun by a motor. If you want perfect finishing, then this sander is for you. It can perform well to sand the corners. It is designed to get well finished. The grit is designed for perfect and quick action on any surface.

But this sander has an aggressive action on woods. You will not get an accurate finishing if your surface is wood. Most of the belt sanders are heavy-weighted.  For this, you will not get the efficiency sometimes.

Orbital sander works like an orbital action. This tool is efficient in moving in circles and orbits. It will perform well on flat surfaces. It is lighter than the belt sanders.

But the orbital sander is less powerful than the belt sanders. This grit of orbital sander is not as good as the belt sanders. It can’t perform well in the corners and provide a good finishing on heavy surfaces. You cannot get quick action from this orbital sander.

So, we can say that Belt sanders are more efficient than an orbital sander on hard types of surfaces. But the orbital sanders are efficient for the flat surface.

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Paint Eater Vs Orbital Sander

Paint Eater Vs Orbital Sander / instagram.com

Both of these products have the same purpose, but they are different in some criteria.

A paint eater is a machine that is used for removing paint also popular for removing lead paint. But you will get a better finish from it.

The orbital sander is the best option for all types of objects like wood, and metal.  You will get a better finishing than the paint eater and also remove the paint from any surfaces.


Can I use an orbital sander to remove the paint?

Why not an orbital sander is fruitful to remove paint properly from hardwood floors, metal, and other plain door frames with the help of a paint stripper.

What sander is best for outside decks?

If you’re planning to buy a sander for outside decks, then an orbital sander of any kind can meet your needs.

How to use an orbital sander to remove paint?

There are two ways to use an orbital sander to remove paint. One is an orbital sander, and the other is using sandpaper to scrape away the remaining paints.


You all are maybe confused about seeing many types of sanders on the market. The confusion will be finished after reading this. You can see some terms which will give the idea to choose the best orbit sander for your job.

So choose your product as per your purpose. Remember one thing; every product comes with different features to complete multiple jobs. Precisely, the Black+Decker orbit sander comes with the most precision as it took the butter from us.

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