8 Best Sander for Removing Paint From Wood in 2022

In your daily life chores, you needs to complete different types of work. Cleaning is one of them. It is an important task to complete. This cleaning can be removing dirt from your house or walls.

Cleaning normal dust from the house is easy but cleaning colors from the wall is difficult. You will need a sander to accomplish this work. They remove the paint perfectly and give the wall a fresh look. We had a ton of research to find the best sanders for removing paint from wood briefly and Black Decker mouse is our editor’s pick.

Our Top 3 Picks


Black Decker BDEMS600 Sander


Weight: 2.38 pounds

Dimensions: 10.25 x 4.63 x 5.44 inches
Warranty: 2 year


Dewalt DWE6411K Palm Sander

Bradd: Dewalt

Weight: 2.8 pounds
Dimensions: 7 x 6 x 10 inches
Warranty: 3 year


Enertwist Mouse Detail Sander


Weight: 1.72 pounds

Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.7 x 4.3 inches

8 Best Sander for Removing Paint from Wood

As we know, there are many kinds of sander in the market. They all have different kinds of features and prices though they all are made for one kind of work. We will know about the best 8 sanders and their facts, which differentiate them from each other.

1. Black Decker Paint Removing Sander

Why We Like It

Portable and very compact body
Molded with rubber and a great dust collector
Three kinds of the grip area
Small and compact size
Looks cool and cute

Black Decker mouse detail sander may be very compact and tight within a tinny space, but it does work with very perfection.

Weight and Shape- This sander is very small in size and has a triangular shape; that is why there is the word mouse in its name. This product is almost 2.8 pounds in weight.

Dimension and Color- As it is small in size and useful to use in corners of the house, its dimension is 7x 5×6 inches with a rubber grip. You will find this kind of sanders in black or orange color.

Power- Black Decker has a spinning power of 14000 opm, which is a good power rate. It needs an electric power source of 120 volts and 1.2 Amps to run. The grip of this sander is cool and good too. It also gives a very quality performance while collecting dust.

2. Dewalt Paint Removing Palm Sander

Why We Like It

High capacity to collect dust and paints
Rubber bodies help to have a great grip
Small in size & Cool yellow look
Small in shape but have high efficiency in collecting dust
Good rubber grip

If you are looking for a sander with a high capacity to collect dust and paint, you can choose the Dewalt palm sander. Its rubber body is also helpful while collecting dust.

Weight and Shape- These kinds of sanders also have a small size in shape. This is why this product is light weighted. It is only 2.9 pounds. The bag in it is quite larger and has more capacity than other sanders. This sander is specially designed for lower tasks.

Dimensions and Color- The dimension of the product is also like its weight. 9.4 x 5.9x 6.21 is its dimension. It has a hook of 108×114 mm, which allows you to change the working mode fast. It also has a great clamping system, which provides a great grip. This sander is found in yellow color.

Power- The spinning power of this product is 14000 OPM with a 2.3 Amp motor. The voltage in it is 120 V.

3. Enertwist Mouse Sander

Why We Like It

Works quietly without any noise
More durable due to the DC Motor and on/off switch system
Manual and has a good size of the bag
Best for peace-loving people
Great and easy to use if you have a shorthand
Time-saving due to its multi holes
Low weight and easily portable

You are looking for a lightweight sander that can reach the corners of wood easily? Then you can go for the Enertwist mouse sander. If you are a peace-loving person, then this is definitely for you.

Weight and Shape- Enertwist sander also has very lightweight. They weigh 1 pound or 0.78 kg approximately. Due to the corner and small triangular shape, it has a mouse in its name. One of the interesting things about this product is that it works quietly.

Dimensions and Color- 10.25 x 5.88 x 5.38 is the dimension of this product, which means that the heights of the product are more than the weight. We get to see this sander in orange color.

Power- This product has a spinning power of 13000 OPM with a 0.8 AMP dc motor. It also needs a power source of 120 V. It has a multi-hole design to save your time by changing sandpaper. Its 21 holes mode helps to clean the dust at its greatest level of working.

4. Makita 9903 8.8 Variable Speed Belt Sander

Why We Like It

An auto-tracking belt in it
Comfortable flush and grip design
It has a power cord of 16.4 ft
Several speed control settings for good cleaning
Long cord to work around the house
It removes paint from sand woods or metal

If you are searching for a sander in which you can control speed according to your task, then Makita is the best option. You will also get the best sandpaper for removing paint from wood with it.

Weight and Shape- The weight of this sander is average. They are not very light-weighted or very high-weighted. They are almost 9.5 pounds. Makita sander is such a sander that has a medium size of body shape. It also has double insulated.

Dimension and Color- 11.63 x 5.63 x 6.19 inches is the dimension of this product, which indicates the medium size of this sander. Again due to its medium shape, we can collect more dust on it. This sander is designed with comfortable operating system track belts. It is the best sander for wood. These sanders are made of red and paste color bodies.

Power- This type of product has speed control from 690 to 1440 with an 8.8 AMP motor. It runs with a corded power source of 110 V. speed control is its best feature as we can control the speed and get the best result.

5. Makita 9403 Paint Removing Sander

Why We Like It

Large front grip
Easily gripping options
Long cord to clean more space
Due to no variable speed control, it is easier to use
Work perfectly and takes more dust

As we have discussed another version of Makita before now, you may get confused that which one is better. Well, both are good, but this Makita 9403 4″ x 24″ is an upgraded version of the previous one. It is the best sander for removing paint from the deck.

Weight and Shape- This Makita 9403 is slightly larger than Makita 9303. Its weight is almost 13 pounds with the quietest belt of 84 decibels. It can be called a large sander. It has a larger grip, which helps to hold it and work properly. The dust bag is also larger than that.

Dimensions and Color- The dimensions of this sander are 4″ x 24″. Its belt size is 100x 610. The overall dimensions are about 353 mm. Their net weight is 5.7 kg. This sander is also found in a red and pastel color mix.

Power- The average spinning time for this product is 1640 OPM. It needs a power cord of 110V. This Makita has almost all the qualities like before. It also has speed control, but the difference is it has no variable speed control, but the previous one had.

6. Enertwist Electric Orbital Sander Kit

Why We Like It

Compact and lightweight with a small body
3 types of palm support in it, and 11 random sandpapers
Hook, and loop system to change the paper
Gives buffing, polishing pads, and sand disks
It has a control variable speed & easy to use
Easily portable and lightweight

While searching for a speed control sander with low weight, you will find this product in the first place. Due to its hook system, it gets easier to change the sandpaper. This is a cool sander for your small task.

Weight and Shape- The weight of this product is about 5 pounds. This product is also considered as small sanders. The color of these sanders is usually orange. This product is also lightweight and compact, which makes it more attractive.

Dimensions and Color- 10.7 x 7.7 x 7.5 is the dimension of this product. This dimension indicates the medium size of this product. Its orange looks with a small body also look nice.

Power- This sander’s spinning speed can be controlled and placed in a low, medium, or high range, which are 6000, 8500, and 1100 OPM. We need a 4 Ah Lithium battery with 20 volts of Current to use this sander. Enertwist random orbit is such a sander that can be controlled by you and is also very lightweight. It also contains some random polishers with it, which give it the random name orbit.

7. Porter-Cable Orbital Sander

Why We Like It

1.9 AMPS, 8 hooks, and loop paper in it. Each of them is 5″
Provides a good amount of time while finishing smoothly
Mainly controlled finishing & gives a great finish
Gives a longer switch life
Dual plan counters help a lot
Weight is less than average

If you are looking for a stylish sander with a portal cable with a dual plan corner, then the porter cable random orbit sander is the best option you can ever have. This product is also so easy to use that you will not need to ask how to use an orbital sander to remove paint.

Weight and Shape- This product is very light weighted with silver color. The weight of this product is around 3.6 pounds, which is very low. This is an easily portable product, and Its long cable helps a lot.

Dimensions and Color- 8x 9x 7 is the dimension of this product. This product is more widespread with a comparison of its height. This product is usually seen in black color.

Power- The spinning time around orbit is 12000 OPM in this product. It has 8 holes, and each of them is around 5″. This product needs a power source of 120 V to run. This product gives the smooth and best finishing while working. Your dust and paintings will surely be cleaned with the help of this product.

8. Cubitron 3M Elite Pneumatic Palm Sander

Why We Like It

This is a very compact product
Made of aluminum and others
3M Special discs’ pads, supporting grips
Very little noise or vibration
Durable and balanced, long-time usable
You will have wrist support

Durable and powerful, a balanced sander is this cubitron sander. This is also known as a 3M elite sander in short.

This product is very smooth at working time. This product suits mostly for industrial uses. It is also very balanced while working for a long time. They are the best air sander.

Weight and Shape- The weight of this product is 1.15 kg. This product can be listed in the average weighted sander list. It may feel more weighted to you, but it gives the best work experience with it.

Dimensions and Color- 6.8 x 5 x 3.6 is the dimension of this product. This product is average in size and cleans a large part of your place at a time. We can see this product is a mix of orange and white colors.

Power- The orbital spinning is around 10000 OPM. This product’s power source is mainly air. This product uses the power of air to run; that is why it doesn’t need any electrical cord. This product is known for its combination of all types of facilities.

While working with this sander, you will face a very low amount of vibration and sounds. This product is also durable due to the aluminum in it and powerful at a time.

How to Buy Sander for Removing Paint from Wood?

Credit: youtube.com

While walking in your house on a lazy Sunday and suddenly you notice a broken wall or floor of your or you may wish to clean the paint of your home, then what will you need most? A sander for your work, which will clean the specks of dust or paints away.

But if you search on the internet or go to the market to get a sander, then you may get confused by seeing so many types of sander of buying suggestions. But which things should you keep in mind before buying a sander? Let’s talk about them.

Sander Sizes

As we have shared 8 types of sanders with you and you can notice that different sanders have different sizes. Black Decker and Dewalt sanders have a small size that is easily portable and easily taken to any place.

You can also wash the corners of your house with its small triangular shape. Again cubitron sander, portal sander, and Makita sanders are large. These kinds of sander are great to use while cleaning a big space. So think about the size before buying a sander.


Before buying a sander, give a thought to its power. Different sander has different types of power and spinning speed. It also has a dependency on your cleaning time. Some sander power sources in electric while some sanders use air power.

Sander Price

Different sander has different kinds of price, but it varies according to power and functionalities if you think carefully. Choose those which are of your use, not those which are high priced or cheap.


A banded sander lasts a maximum of 10 to 13 years, but you will get a warranty of almost 1 year for a sander. But honestly speaking, its long-living depends on how you treat and use it.



Here we’ve reached the final line with our guide, sander for removing paint from wood reviews. We have also talked about how you should buy them and what else you should have in your mind. 

So, following some key features of some best products like Black Decker is our top pick and I hope, you will take your advice and follow the guides before buying a sander for yourself.

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