How To Attach Grease Gun To Zerk Fitting?

Those of us have a different kind of vehicle, or many industrial equipment types have to do the regular tweaking. One of the jobs among them is to grease them regularly.

But sometimes, greasing procedures become tricky. One of them is the attachment between a grease gun and a zerk fitting.  Here we will discuss the procedure of how to attach grease gun to zerk fitting.

It may look pretty easy, but not quite how you think about it. It is very tricky especially if you haven’t done grease gun fittings before. So, along with the guideline, we will talk about everything necessary to know about them. Let’s follow our review.

Grease Gun

Grease Gun / YouTube

The first thing is, that you have to know about the grease gun itself. It is a tool that is massively used for lubricating your machines or equipment joints. It has storage to store grease inside and put them into joints using a grease gun tool. For better work, try to have some knowledge about how to use a grease gun.

Zerk Fitting

Zerk Fitting / YouTube

Zerk fitting is also known as grease fittings. It is a permanent joint on a mechanical system or bearings that lubricates the machine or equipment. You can just know them by watching.

They have a nipple-like shape, which is also used as their name like grease nipple. It has a ball inside them that lets lubricants go through but ensures safety from any harmful or unnecessary materials.

Well, we have talked about the important thing you have to know. Now, let’s talk about how you will attach your grease gun with a zerk fitting.

How Do You Attach a Grease Gun to a Zerk Fitting

The concept is pretty easy to understand. Zerk fitting has a ball bearing that lets lubricant go through but excludes any other unnecessary or hard elements.

When there is a tight angle, long distance to reach, or complex design to understand, you will find a zerk fitting to get you through it. Now follow our guide for easy work.

  • The first thing you should know is some grease gun tips assembly. Then do the hose pipe setting with the grease gun coupler so that you can reach any long or tight angle.
  • You will see a four-jaw construction on the coupler, which is the control to adjust the position. You can change the position manually.
  • When you screw it up, the jaw construction will close up. It shows that the connection between the coupler and any point has been tightened up.
  • Now, as you know, zerk fitting will be a small hole that will let lubricant pass through. Find it.
  • Put the zerk fitting inside the coupler. Make sure your grease gun coupler adjusts with the grease gun.
  • Now hold the shoulder tightly and push the coupler into the zerk fitting. Push it down until the shoulder fits with the zerk bearing and then tighten it with the coupler’s setting.
  • When the coupler clammed down with the zerk fitting, free your hand slowly and observe the connection. If it holds tight, then you are ready to start the greasing work.
  • Before putting grease into it, make sure you have screwed the grease gun tight enough with the zerk fitting not to go off while pushing lubricant.
  • Push your grease gun and let lubricants follow through.



Here, we have discussed the guideline that you have to know about attaching a grease gun and how a grease gun works. The process is simple, and you will get used to it after a couple of tries. If there is still any problem, follow our guidelines thoroughly, and it will be much easier for you to learn.

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