6 Steps: How to Prime a Grease Gun?

If you own any mechanical workshop, you know how important it is to have grease guns. They make your lubrication task easier and at the same time, help you to operate your machine smoothly and prevent abrasions.

Do you know how to load a grease gun and how to prime a grease gun? Priming a grease gun may seem easy, however, it may become a little bit tricky if you don’t follow some precise instructions.

We are going to share with you some grease gun tips and steps to assist you to prime a grease gun. Let’s not wait any longer and move forward.

How to Prime Grease Gun Manually?

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An intact grease gun doesn’t contain any grease in the hose, so it is necessary to prime it to get rid of all that air. We are giving you the proper procedure to prime grease guns whether you have a lever or pistol grip, manual gun, pneumatic or power luber electronic grease gun.

Before we jump to the main topics, here’s a quick video that helps you prime a new grease gun.


The first thing you should do tugging the T-handle and strip it out of the grease gun. Press down a little bit on the handle to lock it into the exposed spot. You will notice a mini groove into which the handle suits to grip it open while you fill up the gun with grease.


The next step is to tug the vacant grease cartridge out after unscrewing the metal cylinder inside the grease gun. Generally, the gun is screwed by the cylinder, not far away from the nozzle.


Tug the metal tab off one end of your new grease tube. Tug the plastic cap or rubber off the other end. The tube is now ready to accept the cartridge.

Before inserting the cartridge inspect for any dents or crushed ends. Don’t use tubes if these issues are found as they may cause the follower assembly to hang up in the tube or cause lubricant bypass.

Move gently the fresh grease tube into the metal cylinder with the aim that the metal-tab end faces toward the bottom of the dispensing nozzle. Put back the cylinder in place screwing it in the grease gun.


Free the T-handle and rod and force a rapid inward and outward movement of the new grease tube three or four times. It will develop a mechanism to pump air out of the back of the tube and allow grease to flow. More pressure may be applied to the grease to force the air out of the vent


Press the handle of the gun multiple times until grease starts to run continually along with the dispensing nozzle. Make sure to use a wastebasket or a dust cloth so that it doesn’t pass out onto your floor or workspace.


The bleed screw should be unscrewed at the peak spot of your grease gun. To expose the flow of your grease gun, pump the hand three or four times. When the grease dispenses abundantly, tighten the screw properly. You may not carry out this process unless the grease in your intact tube is cool and weighty.

Put back the T-handle and rod in their place by pulling them. Push it inside and outside several times if your grease gun wastes its prime while you are applying grease.

With the rod in place and out of the way, the gun is ready for use. A few points to consider concerning the lubricant when operating your grease gun.

If the lubricant you’re using is very tacky or thick, this process may take a little longer. This is especially true if working in a cold environment. Some greases tend to flow slower than normal and possibly lead to loss of prime. In this case, cycle your gun slowly allowing for full strokes of the handle for manual units.

Reduce your air pressure down if you are using a pneumatic gun or set electronic pyro lubbers to the low setting and allow a little more time for the grease to enter the chamber, if necessary pre-packed the gun head to leave as little of an air pocket as possible. Then follow the final priming steps to re-prime your gun and you’ll be ready to go.

Grease Gun Tips for Loading and Priming

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We’ve mentioned the tricky but simple six steps of priming your grease guns. Here, we’ve also added some additional tips for your preference.

  • Make sure to purchase the right product for lubricant so that you can apply it easily. You can take an expert to help to choose a grease gun based on the type of machinery you’d like to grease.
  • Don’t use a different type of lubricant at different times. Use the same type of lubricant consistently. You can keep your old tube to remember the type of product.
  • Make sure to clean the fitting and nozzle before pumping the grease. Use some lubricant to clean them with a neat washcloth.
  • Decompress your grease gun after completing your project. It is better to store it upright position in a cool, dry spot to assure the grease doesn’t pull apart.


Grease guns are related to mechanical terms. Nonetheless, you can load and prime your grease gun by following some easy steps. Most importantly, you must assure that your grease gun is free from the air inside the barrel before putting the grease.

Priming is essential for grease guns, especially, for a new grease gun. Hopefully, now you will be able to know how to prime a grease gun properly.

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