Proper Ways to Storing your Grease Gun!

Correctly storing a grease gun is crucial and can go a long way in preventing messes and accidents.

The most common method is to store it vertically with its mouth facing down. But there are some other things you should know to maintain a grease gun properly.

In this article, we’ll give you a proper briefing on how to store a grease gun and answer some questions related to this.

Grease Gun Storing Methods

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The methods differ for new and used grease tubes.

For New Grease Tubes –

Place it vertically standing while the head or the metal pull tab is facing downwards.

For Previously Used Grease Tubes –

Place it horizontally on a flat surface. Make sure it’s not tilted too much.

Also, keep the grease tubes in a dry and cool place. Low temperatures are essential to avoid leaks as grease extends when exposed to heat.

Avoiding Grease Gun Leak

Aside from storing it, there are some other things you can do to prevent leaks.

  • Purging Air

You are just going to remove the air inside the tube so that the grease is not pressurized. Here’s how you do it –

  1. After installing the grease tube, grab the handle/lever and pump it.
  2. If grease doesn’t come out, hold the bottom half of the gun, and spin it anti-clockwise a couple of times.
  3. Pump the handle again, and you should see grease coming out.


Here are some common issues with the grease gun and their fixes –

1. Grease Gun Grease Behind Plunger

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The plunger will feel stuck if grease has leaked behind it. To remove the that –

  1. Hold the grease gun on top of a trash can or a dustbin.
  2. Pull hard on the plunger.
  3. The grease oil should start dripping from the plunger.
  4. Hold it until the clog is cleared.

2. Grease Not Coming out

There are mainly two reasons for this, invalid installation of grease tube or air is stuck inside the tube. If the air is stuck, try the air purging method mentioned above. To make sure your grease tube is installed correctly –

  1. Remove the grease gun couplers, and take out the head.
  2. Check to see if the metal pull tab is opened.
  3. If opened partially, try to open the whole thing.
  4. Make sure the tube is not raised and fits flush with the gun.
  5. Try re-installing the tube.


What Are Some USA-Made Grease Guns?

Some of the most popular USA-made grease gun companies are –
1. LockNLube
2. Lincoln
3. Milton
4. SAE Products

Are Mini Grease Guns Good?

If one of your main concerns is portability, then sure, mini grease guns are a very viable option for you. They are rather easy to operate and lighter than the bigger ones.

What Are the Top Pneumatic Grease Guns?

Some of the best pneumatic grease guns are –
1. Lincoln Fully automatic pneumatic grease gun
2. Ampro air grease gun
3. LockNLube
4. Dewalt cordless grease gun

What Grease Doesn’t Separate?

Grease separating depends mainly on your maintenance of the grease gun. Sure there are better brands of grease that don’t separate easily. But even the best grease will separate if not taken properly care of.


To wrap things up, how to store a grease gun? Just keeping your grease gun vertically and at a decent temperature will do fine to prevent leaks. Hopefully, we’ve been able to clear any inquiries, and you’ve found something helpful.

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