How To Unload A Caulk Gun (3 Steps Beginner’s Instinct)

When you put a seal around your home’s certain window, the most role goes to a caulking gun. Yes, this is a perfect tool to work with silicone sealants as well. However, it’s not super simple to handle a caulking gun.

Perfect unloading is necessary if you need a flawless finish. Otherwise, unevenness and ugly marks are going to make you upset. But don’t worry, we have the very right formula on how to unload a caulk gun. And one thing is a must-need topic for discussion. It’s about what exactly the caulking gun is.

What is a Caulking Gun?

So basically, a caulking gun is a tool that helps to fix the right type of sealant into gaps or cracks you have inside your home. This could also be known as a silicone gun sometimes.

These are fantastic to take your troubles away with a brilliantly designed tube or cartridge inside. This is the part where usually silicone or latex caulk resides. These are great to bond a variety of materials. The list includes ceramic, glass, wood, and even metal. There are quite a few types of guns as well. For example, the dripless caulk gun is a popular version.

Unloading Caulking Gun: The 3 Steps Process

Many worthy caulking gun manufacturers bring some of the best caulking gun models for easy operation. But having the gun itself is not enough.

You need to know about the nitty-gritty. Especially if you wish to unload it perfectly, please don’t lose patience at first, you’re going to make some mistakes. But that’s okay. Those mistakes are going to make you better in the end.

Hopefully, I was able to give you some motivation in the 3 steps process.

Step 1: Understand the Loading and Unloading Mechanism

So basically, there are more chances of messing up with the unloading process, if you are careless about proper loading. You need to decide the proper size for inserting caulking tubes. There should be no sort of forcing with the equipment involved. This is important if you don’t want to deal with a caulk gun too hard to squeeze.

Now once you are sure with the caulking gun assembly, it’s ready for unloading. Hold the caulking gun using one hand. Let the tip of it point towards the floor. Using your other hand, simply turn the handle with a clockwise motion. Let the plunger be backward so that you can disengage the caulking tube’s piston.

It’s time to lift the caulking tube. This should be towards the caulking gun’s back. Use your fingers to lift it and let the tube tip-tilt away from the firearm. Discard it by removing the machine entirely. Use a clean cloth to wipe away the caulking gun simply. You need to get rid of the remaining caulk before it settles in and dries.

Get a knife or putty knife with a length of two inches. Use it to scrape away any caulking simply. You should clean the remaining silicone sealant neatly from the piston rod’s peak teeth.

Now you will use your thumb to rub a tiny amount of leftover cured silicone only. So that the pressure of your thumb can roll silicone sealant under well.

Step 2: It’s Important to Get Rid of Excess

There should be no excess amount of caulk left after using the gun. This is a very important step you should not miss, especially if you want to unload using the caulking gun next time.

The remaining portion will harden very quickly. And this will ruin your gun’s working mechanism undoubtedly.

Step 3: Clean and Lubricate the Caulking Gun for Next Unloading

You should take the tube and clean it properly before storing it for future use. There should be no build-up when you use it for unloading caulk.

Using a wet cloth or simply brush, just clean it with the general force. Make sure the gun has dried entirely before the lubrication step. Don’t miss this step if you want to ensure safe operation next time.

Pumping caulk will become easier if you take steps for lubricating it properly. This is an essential step you should not miss before and after unloading the caulk.

Essential Tips to Follow:

  • You must wear the right kind of glove before dealing with caulking guns. These are not easy to get rid of once encountered through hands.
  • Make sure you never apply force while putting the caulk for sealing.
  • Always read the manufacturer’s instructions to work with the silicone caulking gun properly.
  • No children or disturbance should be around you because you need to be very careful throughout unloading. A little bit of distraction means laying caulk in the wrong spot.

Here’s a complete video tutorial to show you the unloading demonstration.



This brings me to the end of my guide on how to unload a caulk gun. This is relatively simple for anyone who is starting with some hole and crack fill-ups for home walls or windows.

These are also helpful to fix mistakes in woodworking projects. No matter what intention you carry, make sure to be properly guided before using one. The filling is quite hard when dried.

And so, placing or unloading in the wrong spots due to improper practice might bring further troubles. You should try practicing on a scrap piece before jumping into the actual work spot. Good Luck!

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